Freedom, finding and keeping it…..

by Rod Smith

Freedom comes at a cost. Its antithesis costs vastly more.

Freedom is a result of:

1. Defining of yourself in all relationships – letting others know who you are (and are not) before they take it upon themselves to define you.
2. The on-going attempt to bring greater integrity to every part of your life – sometimes with radical, extreme shifts, sometimes with subtle changes.
3. The on-going search for greater, deeper spiritual meaning, significance, and connection.
4. Willingness to continually face the challenge of remaining distinct (separate) from all others while also remaining “connected” to family, friends, and associates.
5. Facing the challenge (not even necessarily always successfully) to live a generous life.
6. Resisting the invasive urge to fix, modify, or to rescue others – especially when the others are people whom you love.
7. Facing, rather than avoiding necessary, worthwhile conflict, and the wisdom to identify and “let go” worthless conflict.
8. Understanding the distinction between being responsible FOR others and responsible TO others – and choosing the latter.
9. Honoring the natural desire for both autonomy and intimacy while allowing ALL others the joy of similar exploration.
10. Distinguishing between worry and love – knowing that it is possible to love others without also worrying about them. Understanding, therefore, that anxiety is not an expression of love.

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