His lover is alcohol…

by Rod Smith

“My father cheated on my beautiful mother for many years. He married the 100th ‘affair.’ For 25 years she never dated again, never said a word, but loved him all her life. I am married for the third time: met my husband two years ago, moved to another continent, gave up everything to be with him. My ‘knight in shining armor’ has not told me that he doesn’t love me anymore, but he might as well have. The emotional abuse is terrible; the things that are said remain in my heart like a knife. I try to forgive and forget. I am in a strange country, have no friends and nobody to turn to. Why do we take this? I see myself as a strong, independent woman, but lately have turned into a quivering, blubbering please-don’t-hurt-me idiot. My husband’s ‘lover’ is alcohol and I cannot compete. I am in new country, alone, still trying to hang on.” (Edited)

Take up your life

Take up your life

Your parents’ sad past is irrelevant. I will agree that it is interesting since it appears that you and your mother are (and were) willing to put up with disregard and indifference from the men on your lives, but knowing this will not help you out of this current situation. The knight you most need is the one living within you. In the stark reality of any day soon, summon your independent nature, take responsibility for your decisions and actions (the ones that got you here), and begin to plan our way out of victim-hood. You can do this. The reserves of strength are in you. How do I know? Well, moving countries is not easy, even if you were in the arms of whom you thought to be a knight in shining armor. And, in the midst of your trauma, pain, and unhappiness, you accessed this website, wrote a letter to other readers of these posts – and, while this is common, it does take some savvy. You have it, dear reader. You have all it takes to get yourself out of this and deliver yourself to your home-turf just as you had what it took to get yourself into this in the first place. TAKE UP YOUR LIFE!

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