A year or two of celibacy will help you clear your head…

by Rod Smith

“I dated a man for more than two years. I accepted all his faults and he accepted mine. Then wham! The sex, even the kissing, stopped. I asked him if he wasn’t attracted to me anymore and he said that he was. He said he ‘needed time’ to finish his education and to decide what he needed. He told me we weren’t parting ways and wanted to be friends, but needed time. I have given him time and I have spent too much time alone. I feel unappreciated and totally used. I know education is important and I give him my full support. Do you have any suggestions?” (Minimal edits)

Before any relationship will work you are going to have to love yourself and care for yourself more than you love and care for any man.

Your investment outweighed his. Give him what he says he wants. Move on. Don’t look for so-called “closure” or try to be sure he understands.

Take an indefinite break from sexual relationships and give yourself time to “regroup.” A year or two of celibacy will clear your thinking and empower you to offer your next relationship the sacredness that all intimate relationships deserve.

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