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October 23, 2008

Life is too short to have our hearts broken by inconsiderate, selfish men…

by Rod Smith

“We just had our second anniversary when my husband told me that he ‘has no feeling for me.’ We have a six-month-old daughter. He has been ‘friends’ with a woman (22) and he will not end this relationship to save our marriage. I am filing for separation/divorce on Friday and will leave him and never look back. We women have the strength to pick ourselves up and move on. Life is too short to have our hearts broken by inconsiderate selfish men. Yes, I was hurt, and yes, I cried my heart out, but I love my daughter and I am willing to do whatever it takes to make sure she grows up with a loving family and in a happy home. Our happiness is more important than trying to chase him while he chases some cheap woman. I won’t do it. I am going to get what I can and pick up the pieces because things will get better. They always do.” (Minimal edits)

I commend you for your stand, for finding and expressing your voice, your hope, and your willingness to create an honest future. I am sure your soon-to-be ex-husband will ultimately regret his loss. There are more important things than marriage – one of them if fidelity.