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October 3, 2008

Live your life well, every day…, a neighbor reminds us…

by Rod Smith

Yesterday my daughter and I left school at about 3:50pm to buy flowers for grandmother. We came home to our house at about 4:30 to see 5 police cars, lights flashing, and an ambulance, lights flashing, right outside our house. Crime scene tape was stretched all across our driveway. I parked the car at the neighbor’s house and went over to the many policemen. I asked what was going on, and one policeman replied, “Ma’am, we don’t know yet.” I then asked if everyone was all right, which received a stare in return.

“Ma’am, you will need to wait for the homicide detective to answer some questions.”

We are having a bathroom redone and it took several hours to uncover that the plumber had finished working at our house, locked the door, carried his tools to his truck and had a major heart attack and died — at 41.

Finally by 7:00 p.m. the coroner had determined death by heart failure and the body was taken away. We’re fine of course, but so sad. This man had two children and a baby on the way. He was a really kind man. We are stunned by the situation, and not a little shaken.

Know that it is so important to live life well, every single day.