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October 8, 2008

Getting married in eleven days…and…..!

by Rod Smith

“I am divorced with two children. In eleven days I will marry a man with two teenage daughters. My fiance, has a very good relationship with his ex-wife, so much so, that he goes over to her home and visits her and her daughters. He even goes over to her sister’s home to be with the family. This has caused some serious disagreements between us, because it appears like they are not really divorced. His reasoning is that he does this for the “girls” so that they are happy. I have an ex, but we have set boundaries on things of this nature. Do we hate each other? Absolutely not. We are very amicable. I’m have some serious doubts that I want to go any further. Please comment.” (Letter shortened)

I’d suggest your future is sufficiently valuable to postpone your wedding until these and other underlying matters are addressed. Your actions will be unpopular, but the response of your fiance and his family to your suggestion that you place the wedding on hold will tell you volumes about how you will be treated in the future. If it is a good match, you will be offered a world of understanding. If you are treated with contempt – well, then you know you’ve made the right choice.