Shaping a child’s future

by Rod Smith

Let your child see he is capable of much good by encouraging him to be generous and kind toward others. If you, the adult, in your own life, place high value on generosity, the child growing up around you will form deep and lasting memories of your generosity and he will be empowered to seek a lifetime of giving.

Let your child see you give. Let him see you assisting in relieving the suffering of the poor, let him see you standing for justice and doing what is right.

Allow your child to see, as early as is possible, that his actions have consequences so that the world will not take him by surprise when it expects much of him. Let him see his moods can affect others, that his attitudes can be his best friends or his ardent enemies. Do this so that he will not be surprised when people expect him to take full responsibility for his life.

You, the parent, are the most powerful means of showing your child how adults behave, how the world works, how to be an effective and loving human being.

You, the parent, can do this from the earliest of days, and all without using guilt or blame.

One Comment to “Shaping a child’s future”

  1. This is an excellent point. I still have vivid memories of being 5 and 6 and visiting a family of Vietnamese refugees with my mom and brother once or twice a week for a year. I do not remember a great deal from that age but remember this well; it had a profound impact. I remember especially the children of that family and how we communicated and played independent of language barriers while our moms cooked and sorted through kids clothing, went over documentation, etc.

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