My son heard the dreaded words, “I need space.”

by Rod Smith

“‘I need my space,’ (The Mercury. Friday February 24, 2006) were the few words said to my son upon returning overseas and on the day he was to propose to his girlfriend. He was home for Christmas and for three weeks she called him every day. Now he has been thrown into a state of collapse. Your article was so real for me, and, being a mom so far away I am writing to you to know what advice I should be give. I have gone from being sympathetic to having a hard line attitude. At the same time I don’t want to close our line of communication. He has given her a second chance, which lasted two weeks. He is slightly better but from being a positive bubbly chap to being a heartbroken negative person whom I don’t know.”

I’d suggest you leave it completely up to him. If your son had the courage and strength to find love (or what he thought to be love) in a far off place he probably has what it takes to survive this break up.

Engagements, or plans to marry, are easier to break than a marriage. It is better this couple gets the “space” it needs before a marriage than after it. It is a lot cheaper!

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