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May 8, 2023

A Leadership Golden Key

by Rod Smith

A golden key -one of many- to leadership resides in the wisdom to know how to handle anxiety provoking events in any community.     

There are people in your business, church, school, any workplace, who tend to step-up or amplify anxiety.  

They react to any circumstance provoking stress or worry.

Their reactions exaggerate matters and tend to make things worse. 

They overreact at stressful times and spread anxiety to all and sundry, even to those who can do nothing about it. 

They apparently cannot be anxious alone and must be sure all in their environment  –  and beyond – are as anxious as they are. These people act as step-up transformers when it comes to stressful times that come to any community.

There are people  – wherever people gather – who step-down anxiety. 

They hold onto it, giving themselves time to assess and time to respond to whatever the trigger for the anxiety in a community may be. Step-down transformers assess who needs to be included and who does not and try to decide what will be helpful to the community as a whole. 

Step-downers include those who are empowered to take steps to reduce concerns in a community. They try to take steps to reduce anxiety and know who and what will only serve to escalate matters and do so unnecessarily.

March 29, 2023

If the cap fits…….

by Rod Smith

“If the cap fits……. wear it,” as my dear dad would say.

Am I writing to you? I hope not. 

Dear Business Owner

Your life impacts the lives of many others. Your decisions create waves for others to sink or swim. Consider it an act of compassion to think about the impact your decisions have on many others. Live to empower and encourage rather than plunder and accumulate. 

Your financial status has power and how you use or misuse it reveals everything about your character. You appear unaware that some people are intimidated by wealth and feel beholden to you, while also welcoming their adultion.  

Walk gently. 

Hold onto the knowledge that there are people wealthier than you who have managed to be wealthy, kind, and generous. 

It is possible. 

Try not to forget there are people who are much poorer than you who are vastly happier and more content than you appear to be. Your concerns, worries, anxieties, successes, conquests, apparently give you the idea that you are the center of the universe. 

You are not. 

A moment of compassion from you expressed toward others – beginning with your vast payroll – many of whom are struggling, will make all the difference both to you and to many others.

At present your life is heartily affirming the age-old idea that money cannot buy happiness.

A Very Distant  Observer