How do you explain suicide to a child?

by Rod Smith

“I struggle with what I told the little one’s in my family of the death of their young and vibrant ‘Aunt L.’ She had been really sick and took her own life in the end. I just could not tell these little one’s that she committed suicide – how would they understand, ranging in age from 9 to 2 years old. I just told them she got sick and she died – her body and her spirit were tired. I am so afraid of them finding out the truth one day. We all have continued to grieve our loss. All of the children attended the funeral and memorial services and we all take an active role in remembering her life. But how do you explain suicide of a very close loved one to a child?”

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Your chidren will understand

Relax. You have done well. Of course what you faced was difficult and, once the children are old enough to know the truth, I believe they will understand the reasons you have said what you have said. Suicide is perhaps the strongest and most powerful form of prayer I have ever encountered – giving ultimate relief in dying, what seemed impossible while living. “Aunt L”, I believe, has found in death what she could not find in life.

7 Comments to “How do you explain suicide to a child?”

  1. Rod- I find your answer very comforting. My sister took her life a year ago and left three sons behind. I will share with them your comment about it being a powerful form of prayer.

  2. Hi Rod,

    I hope this doesn’t post twice as I am retyping it because it seems to have disappeared…

    My sister took her life in March of last year, leaving behind her three sons. I find your answer very comforting – especially saying that it is a powerful form of prayer. It is very true.

    I will share that with her sons who are thinking about her alot at this time of year.

  3. @Rod & anonymous / NewHorizons
    “The Gods Aren’t Angry”:

    This is part six of nine. I recommend listening to the whole series. It’s really, really amazing.

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  5. Thank you…May I share this with my family? Her mother and her sisters especially?

  6. My Aunt committed suicide in March…her daughter found her and the gun. I heard its rare for women to shoot themselves…but I don’t know. My cousin who found her doesn’t understand, she’s only eleven, and says her mother wasn’t sad. we really have no explanation- don’t get me wrong she’s tried it before, but she had a lot of good things going for her, and none of us are sure how to make sense of it.

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