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March 15, 2011

Should I stay, should I go? This is the question……

by Rod Smith

Should I leave? Should I stay? Should I tell her? Should I this? Should I that?

These questions flood my email, often hidden in letters loaded with painstaking details of hard, devastated lives depicting complex, entangled, situations.

They are the cries for a formula from desperate readers who want to know what is the right thing to do; men and women aching for some degree of happiness and fulfillment – often aching to do the right thing, especially for the children.

Often there are no right or wrong answers but more helpful or less helpful ways to respond to difficult situations.

How trumps what. It’s not whether a person should stay or go – it is HOW staying or going is done that will determine if the choice was a good choice or not.

Staying or going, respectful behavior, kindness, honoring others, even in the toughest circumstances will prove the decision to be helpful or unhelpful.

When going is the decision, everything, even divorce, child custody issues, financial settlements, can be expedited respectfully, kindly, and honorably.

How do I know? I’ve seen people handle these very issues with firmness, grace, and kindness – even in the midst of the pain accompanying all loss or change.