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March 13, 2011

Please take over financing my daughter…..

by Rod Smith

“You seem to think that ‘unplanned pregnancies’ should not be terminated and that it is OK for someone to ‘go it alone’. Please take over the financing of the third pregnancy of my ‘host child’ from Child Welfare? She has been told to accept that in her culture the men will run around and have many girlfriends and children. The new boyfriend says his granny will take over the baby once it is born if it can be proved to be his. So in six months is get the DNA tests done, or else you might have to carry on paying for this child as well as the other two. In the meantime she is very expensive. The children do not eat porridge or soup as it gives them diarrhea! The school to which she wants to send them is the one featured in our papers as having 150 children in one classroom and she will need you to pay for them as well as make up to her for lost income. There are the dental extractions she needs that the hospital apparently refuses to do, so you will have to pay privately. I can’t afford this pregnancy and hope that you can.” (Edited)

The issues you and your “daughter” share have nothing to do with money.