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March 2, 2011

Dozens of men swarmed around me….

by Rod Smith

“I divorced my control-freak husband. Then I fell in love with a single guy who broke up with me. I used a gym membership to come out of depression. After six months I started looking quite attractive and single and married men started hitting on me. Married men hitting on me disgusted me. I vowed I would never break a relationship. Dozens of men swarmed around me. I went to a party and met this very interesting guy. He was showing interest and I felt great. He told me he is married. The next day he emailed me and I could not control myself and replied. He was forced to marry at 23. I was very attracted after being celibate for 9 months. We agreed that there is no future. He will never divorce. We decided to keep it on an emotional level as friends.” (Edited)

Attraction is only enduringly poss

Get a life BEFORE you get a man

You appear tethered to the idea that your entire value is found in being attractive and having a man. You will therefore attract men who are equally plagued by the idea that meaning is only found in “having” a woman. Until you discover an internally sustained, unique, and personal calling, the moving targets (the men who swarm around you) and authentic fulfillment will constantly elude you.