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March 6, 2011

How to have a spectacular week

by Rod Smith

Monday: clarify priorities / self-care trumps all. Then come spouse, children, and extended family. Last place is career. If you don’t take care of yourself you will not be able to give of your best to anyone. If you place career above family there might come a day when you have neither career nor family. If your career is so demanding you have no time for your family then you are probably not equipped for your job. If you are emotionally ready for any work, in any field (and I’d say this is applicable to the President of the USA as much as it is to any person), you will be able to prioritize your work and home life so your career does not ruin your family.

Tuesday: express heartfelt gratitude. Let people know that you know you are not “self-made.” Acknowledge those upon whose shoulders you stand.

exercise generosity. Give something away. Pay for a stranger’s meal. Tip excessively. Leave sincere compliments everywhere you go.

Thursday: serve others. Find ways to empower those around you both at work and at home.

Friday: determine to have a face-to-face Friday. Come home unexpectedly early after work. Switch off your phone, computer, and television for 24 hours. Play board games with the people in your home rather than play on-line games with strangers whom it is unlikely you will ever meet.

Saturday: increase commitment to intimacy. Spend several hours with your spouse or significant other talking about matters each of you might have avoided in the past (recent or distant).

Sunday: rest, read, and play.