Day 2 of 5: Insight requires action if you desire growth and change

by Rod Smith

Have a plan BEFORE you need it.....

Insight #2: You are a leader. Yes. And, the most important person you lead is yourself. If you run a multinational corporation, a family business, or the kitchen in your own home, your ability to self-lead will spill into, and influence all your relationships and everything over which you have influence, no matter how grand or humble that may be.

Sound, thoughtful, clear, self-leadership is pivotal to improving your level of functioning in all of your relationships and circles of influence.

When anxiety increases (over whatever: the economy, decreasing enrollment, lack of patient or customer care, the kids never put the milk away) lower functioning leaders (anxious leaders) tend to become authoritarian. They blame others, require scapegoats, and become less self-aware, more other-focused. They micro-manage, write new rules, en-FORCE, while believing that doing so will provide relief.

Action / challenge: Create a private, personal plan that is separate (apart) from your prevailing roles, issues, and anxieties. In other words, don’t allow your roles, successes, or failures to determine your identity. Write, draw, make notes, about manner in which you will self-lead, so that blindsiding problems and pressures will be less likely to shape you and dictate your behavior when anxieties inevitably intensify.

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