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January 19, 2011

I bite my nails. Please help….

by Rod Smith

“I bite my nails and so I hide my fingers so the bleeding tips of my fingers cannot be seen. I’ve tried everything to stop. I do it unconsciously. I catch myself but by then my fingers is bleeding and hurting. Please help.”

Treat your nails with love and care

While nail biting (chronic onychophagia) is often associated with nervousness. I’d suggest it is sometimes simply a habit to overcome:

A: Make a decision to conquer the habit.

B: Keep your decision a secret at least for two or three weeks or until the change is evident.

C: Carry at pocket tube of hand lotion and apply it to your fingertips and hands frequently during the day.

D: Every time you get the urge to place a finger in your mouth the odor of the lotion will remind you to apply the lotion instead.

Within a very short space of time (three to five days) you will see new growth in your fingernails. Keep at it. Offer your fingernails tender love and you will be surprised at how rapidly they reward you with growth, strength, and beauty enough to require the care of a manicurist.

While I know this appears simple, this is an approach I developed. It worked for me, I’ve seen it work for others, and I hope it works for you.

January 19, 2011

In our culture a woman is looked down at if she is not married

by Rod Smith

“In 2001 I got a job overseas. I met a special person and now a child together. While pregnant I came home without him. He decided to break up with me when our daughter was two days old. He is now married and has another daughter. I managed to get over him. I met another man and I ended the relationship when I find out that he was married. Since 2008 I’ve had hard time finding a man. It is hard for me because I sometimes wish to be touched and have a companion. I’m a very loving person who has so much love to give. I will be turning 35 and I’m not married. In our culture a woman is looked down at if she is not married. Worse, younger men don’t respect you. My self-esteem has gone down and I’m always depressed.” (Edited)

Attraction is only enduringly poss

Shift your focus

You’ve already demonstrated the ability to resist cultural pressures. It is time to do so again. Try to shift your focus onto finding the strong, woman, and mother within you – rather than another man. I’d suggest your daughter needs you infinitely more than you need a man. A strong, defined, woman of integrity will be attractive to a strong, defined man of integrity.