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January 13, 2011

I am so thankful for your articles on finding a voice….

by Rod Smith

“I am so thankful for your articles on spiritual abuse and finding a voice. I married at a vulnerable moment of my life and saw abusive signs prior to saying ‘I do.’  I ignored them because I wanted a Godly man. I thought nothing that his family was extremely distant from him. I even tried for the sake of peace and obedience to go against my moral convictions and perform my devout allegiance and loyalty to every word he commanded. He would say…’God said!’ I had n voice over my own thoughts or contributions to our marriage. I’m the third wife of a seemingly godly person. People think I am the cause of our troubles. I have moved out, but am still married. I am unfortunately preparing for divorce – because he shows no signs of accountability or turning away from the behavior. I have gone to counseling, but there is so much damage already done. I wish churches would teach women it is okay to have a voice and to stand up to abusive husbands.” (Edited)


Thank you for your encouraging letter. I trust you will find wholeness. Once you are recovered you will have a platform to reach women in tough circumstances. Address your legitimate anger soon. Nothing eats at life like unresolved anger.