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January 24, 2011

Healthy track or not?

by Rod Smith

New romantic interest? Here are a few simple questions to answer to see if you are on a healthy track:

1. Are you more you (more alive, more inspired to be fully who you are) or less you (walking on egg-shells, hiding your wants, desires, ambitions) as a result of your newfound love interest? Of course the former is what would suggest health.

2. Have you maintained most of your former friendships or become isolated from your community of family and friends as a result of this new relationship? Of course the latter would be an indication that all is not well.

3. Are you diminishing (abdicating personal responsibility for your life, vacating all or part of your brain and expecting him or her to think for you) as you get closer to each other, or are you able to hold your own (speak your mind, hold firm opinions) in the face of strong attraction? The former may feel like loving sacrifice but it is no indication of healthy love.

4. Are you driving everything about the relationship and have the sense that if you didn’t things would grind to a halt? If you are doing all the work now you’d better gear up for doing it all in the future.