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January 16, 2011

How to measure your spirituality:

by Rod Smith

Love, peace, and generosity

Your “spirituality” is not affirmed by how much you read the Holy Scriptures, sing hymns, pray, clap your hands, or dance to contemporary religious music.

It’s not determined by how much you visit your place of worship or how much money you donate to its causes.

It’s not affirmed by your title (if you have one) or the ornate design of your robe (if you wear one) or the position your hold in the hierarchy of your faith.

But it is affirmed by your willingness to take responsibility for your life, your choices, and the good use of your skills and talents.

It’s measured by how you treat people, especially loved-ones and strangers; how you love your enemies, offer hospitality, and respect, regard, and love those who reject your beliefs.

Do you clean up after yourself?

Are you generous to a fault?

Do you love those who are different from you, whose lives might be in direct conflict with what you believe?

Do you love by listening?

If you take full responsibility for yourself, become extraordinarily generous, embrace diversity, and love others by listening, you will fast-forward your “spiritual” growth.

It’s not your title, the reach of your authority, or the crowds who respect and adore you. Rather, it’s how you respect and love those who don’t.

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January 16, 2011

What is it going to take to “man-you-up”?

by Rod Smith

“I was divorced 4 years ago and have daughter (7) who lives with her mother. I have been living with my girlfriend for 4 years and we have a son (2). I knew my girlfriend before I got divorced and she had a good relationship with my daughter.  After we moved in together she started disliking my daughter. Now that I have gained more access to my daughter my girlfriend does not like it. She says she is too young to accept all of this but it’s been already four years. She knew I had a child before we started dating. I will not choose my girlfriend over my child again. What do I do?”

Attraction is only enduringly poss

Look at YOUR choices

This is not your girlfriend’s problem. It is yours.

What it is about you that you would leave a marriage and immediately move in with another woman, giving yourself no time to assess your first failed marriage? What is it about you that you’d bring yet another child into another unstable context with a woman with whom you’d not discussed joys and challenges of co-parenting your daughter?

Addressing these questions might begin to “man-you-up” (get you some backbone) so that you might begin to take more responsibility for yourself and for ALL your relationships.