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January 18, 2011

Is it possible to find lasting love if you leave your spouse for someone else?

by Rod Smith

“I am an unhappily married woman married with twin girls. It takes little for my husband and I to erupt into arguments. I have cheated on several occasions. My husband and I don’t communicate well and we haven’t had intimacy for years. Our children see arguments, exasperation, anger, resentment, and no affection. A couple of years ago I could have left my husband for one of the two other men but didn’t. This fellow lives far away so I let it slide. Meanwhile, he has been seeing another woman. Being married I had no claim on him to not date other women. I can’t stop thinking about this man and wanting him to dump the girlfriend for me. I want to win this fellow back and have the relationship with him. I know he is the man I should be with. I am terribly frustrated. Is it possible to find lasting love in leaving your spouse for someone else?” (Edited)

It is possible but it is highly, highly unlikely. Your unhappiness will prevail until you tackle your internal life-issues that have nothing to do with the men (husband included) in your life. You appear convinced your happiness is dependent on a man. Not so. Your happiness is your responsibility – man or no man.