Should I trust my son (9) when he says he won things at school?

by Rod Smith

My son (9) comes home from school with things that he says he traded or he won. They are small toys and games. Should I trust him or should I check it out with the school. Stealing is not beyond his capabilities?

I’m inclined to suggest you err on the side of trust than impose your suspicions upon your son. When he tells you he won or traded these items you are surely aware that he is doing what children have done for generations.

I clearly recall trading marbles, yo-yos, Durban City soccer cards (I couldn’t get rid of my Durban United and Addington cards quickly enough) and all manner of items on the Northlands Primary soccer field – without ever stealing.

Clearly there is some history regarding your son and stealing but I’d rather be fooled for trusting too much than be guilty of trusting too little.

While we are talking about trading and soccer cards, I think I have an “Alan Varner” and I really want a “George Wooten.” Any offers?

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One Comment to “Should I trust my son (9) when he says he won things at school?”

  1. Most schools have a policy about trading, mostly because parents end up upset about their child trading something of value. The schools just can’t get involved in these situations so hence the policies. I have a strict “follow the rules” of the school policy in our home, so that would be against the rules, therefore not allowed. You avoid accusing your child this way. Ignoring this is not a good idea, if it is stealing (always trust your instinct) he is calling out to you.

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