My husband gains pleasure just by being awkward…..

by Rod Smith

“My husband gains pleasure just by being awkward. He is not the biological father of my 2 boys although he has been a stepfather to them for 17 years. If any events concerning my boys arise he just coldly refuses. When I ask for an explanation he says he doesn’t have to give a reason. My son’s have been badly bitten by his spiteful behavior and I have had many sleepless nights wondering how anyone could be so cruel. I have looked in to the psychology behind such spiteful behavior and am convinced that these men have underlying desires to want to have the woman to themselves. Subconsciously they are hoping that the woman cuts down the amount of time she gives to the other people she loves or severs any emotional ties altogether. These men are secretly jealous of anyone else that the woman loves and will never change their behavior unless they tackle the root cause.” (Edited)

While I honor your desire to understand your husband’s behavior, your own is also interesting. You have participated in it for 17 years. Perhaps a good area to study next would be why any woman would tolerate a man who has subjected her, and her sons, to spiteful, cold, cruel, and jealous behavior.

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