“Something Beautiful” – worldwide competition with prize

by Rod Smith

Send me your "Something Beautiful"

Write something beautiful – and send it to me.

Keep your contribution to 200 words. Pick a moment from today or from any time in your life and recount it.

I have a few motives:

1. I like to surround myself with beauty. Your writing will assist me toward that end.
2. I believe that each of our lives is a collection of its own set of miracles, its own quarry of joys and delights, even if it is, at the same time, filled with challenges.
3. I’d like to publish a few of your offerings (thus the word limit) and send a prize to the writer of the best piece.

So, have at it. I will be the sole adjudicator of your “something beautiful” submission, and, until it goes to press (if it does) your only reader.

I will send the winner his or her choice of three books: one of the Joan Anderson books I mentioned earlier this week or a copy of a book I have read every June for about 8 years: Failure of Nerve by Ed. Friedman. Please place “Something Beautiful” in the subject line of your Email or your comment. I will close submissions by Friday, October 1, 2010. I look forward to reading something beautiful from you.

Email address: Rod@TakeUpYourLife.com

Rod Smith

2 Comments to ““Something Beautiful” – worldwide competition with prize”

  1. I am blessed to have a job which exposes me to beauty on a daily basis as I am a middle school teacher. Today the most beautiful moment I witnessed was to see two sixth grade boys giggling hysterically in the hallway…each with one arm around the shoulders of the other…lost in the moment and expressing complete and total joy. That is beauty in its purest form, in my mind’s eye.

  2. Forgive this late response to your column, Rod. I simply want to share “something beautiful.” At the end of a busy and stressful week teaching, I walked laden with bags toward the doors of the college. There sitting on a motorized scooter was another employee. I asked her, “Are you waiting for somebody?” to which she replied, apparently surprised, yes. Good she was taken care of, I thought, eager to pack my car and go. Pulling out of the parking space, I glimpsed someone else help my new acquaintance onto the sidewalk. There she sat alone, still waiting for her ride. I thought how often God had provided friends to me in time of need; I circled the lot to re-park and introduce myself. “C’s” face radiated as she explained that she relied upon the bus system to take her home some distance away. We chatted until the bus came, and then I drove on feeling ministered to and greatly blessed. That evening, I sat in a sanctuary among folks gathered for prayer. I tried to pray but couldn’t, not in the usual active way, and I don’t remember much of what the leader said except an ancient saying in Judaism: “Here comes the image of God.” (not verbatim but close enough) I knew that I had just seen God’s image in “C.”

    It took a while for me to realize that the first question I asked “C” was the question I’d been asking myself….

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