The Joan Anderson books are what I suggest you read……

by Rod Smith

“I married 19 years ago. We have struggled but have always been able to talk through things. I am the major provider with a more established career. Our daughter turned 18 this year and moved in with her boyfriend before she finished school. This, and the global financial crises, has created turmoil in our life. He has moved out. He says if we are to get back together changes have to happen without defining the changes. I have been moody, depressed. We are working with two separate counselors. My counselor says he’s dealing with ‘emotional immaturity’ and being more ‘real.’ He said that a separation was not the best solution. His counselor told him a separation will do us good. She told him to avoid contact with me. I am devastated. I cry everyday and he says that pushes him farther away. I am not sure we are with the right counselors. I asked him to move back and he said that wasn’t a good idea.” (Heavily edited for space)

You will not be able to help the marriage until you begin to learn to care for yourself. Please set aside three days and read “A Walk on the Beach”, “A Year by the Sea” and “An Unfinished Marriage” – all by Joan Anderson.

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