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September 13, 2010

Married AND lonely…..

by Rod Smith

“My second marriage became beyond repair and now I am beyond crying and being hurt anymore. I have no need to seek revenge or harbour resentment. Life is life. Those feelings take up too much energy. Moving forward alone did not seem to be a necessity. I thought I could live alongside my husband amicably because my feelings for him were purely as a friend. I no longer had expectations so I could no longer get hurt. With young children and having done the divorce route on a prior occasion I knew what was ahead.

“This has led to a very lonely marriage. The question ‘How do you cope?’ made me think very hard about my life. I enlarged my circle of ‘girl friends’ and we spend what time we can together, we laugh, talk, share, and move on lighter for the experience. They have kept my feet on the ground and always encouraged me to be the most I can be. I spend quality time with my children. I have embarked on my Spiritual Path. I close my front door at night and am once again alone. I know I have to step out of my comfort zone and, use ‘hindsight’ as a guide to move forward successfully.” (Edited)