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September 14, 2010

Weakness will dominate unless leaders challenge it….

by Rod Smith
Victims will sabotage your organization

Resist the sabotage of the "weak"

Leaders! Are you able to challenge the immature among you to greater maturity?

Can you confront those among you who’d refer to remain irresponsible? Can you teach those among you who are fed and reinforced by their demands for empathy, acceptance, and understanding, that it is not more understanding or more empathy that is needed, but rather a gentle and firm, proverbial (not literal) kick in the pants?

If unchallenged, weakness will dominate any organization. The discontent employees, managers, teachers, nurses, will get their way and unhappy people will prevail. The call for sympathy, understanding, and patience will grind down leaders until leaders buckle under their persistent cry. The “victims” (complainers, whiners) will get their way while a leader’s call for integrity, for responsible behavior, for accountability, will be labeled as uncaring and unkind.

Legitimate calls for greater accountability from leaders will “prove” that leadership “out of touch with reality.” When you, the leader, decide to stand up to the discontented you will get reactions you’d rather not endure – but this is part of the price of leadership.

Unhappy people train (disciple, coach) the vulnerable around them to feed their morose perceptions and then fight back when their diet is changed – facing this rather unpleasant music is also part of the cost of leadership.