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March 21, 2010

I made her think I cared…..

by Rod Smith

“I cheated on my wife. She was easy, telling me daily about her lack of love and missing a man. She had a husband but confided in me. My wife worked a lot to better our finances. I wish I could undo the affair. Men lie to get sex. I didn’t think of her until the next time I went back for sex. She used the ‘love’ word and to make sure I got what I wanted I used it too. Even if my wife had left me she wasn’t my type. Men do lie. I made her think I cared. I’d send her cards to make sure I got what I wanted. When my wife found out she threatened to leave and says I ruined her life. The other woman wanted me but I didn’t want her. I would rather stay with my wife and not have love than to be with the other woman. She was ‘okay’ in bed, but that’s all.” (Edited of derogatory terms for women)

No, sir, not all men lie – but you do. Once you see there is more to life than sex, and more to people than objectifying them, you might (it is a possibility) move beyond your apparent fixation with your private parts and discover real joy.