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March 18, 2010


by Rod Smith

Preparing to address the bully....When it comes to bullying…

Bullying occurs whenever someone is not afforded free physical, emotional, intellectual, and psychological passage.

It happens in schools and among adults. With children, it usually lacks sophistication and is obvious to the children.

Adult bullies are often very practiced and the effect of their behavior is felt, while the behavior itself can be almost invisible.

In the case of a child who experiences bullying at school, the remedy (approach, solution) begins between the parent and the child. The school is not the first port of call. Your child, loved, coached, and prepared, is himself the best antidote to bullying.

Bullying is not something that can be outpaced. It must be addressed head-on.

Moving to another school, changing friends, asking the school to change your daughter’s classes will not solve the issue.

The solution is best found by teaching and coaching your daughter to take care of herself in all manner of environments.

Discussing personal boundaries, personal power, and appropriate responses to bullying behavior will do more to defuse the bully than any attempts made on your daughter’s behalf by the school.

Talk about issues BEFORE they arise. What is undressed will carry more power and weight than what is addressed.