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March 17, 2010

Toxic leaks: another good reason to read Ed. Friedman….

by Rod Smith

“Regarding the ‘toxic leaks’ column: the public hospitals in KZN are plagued toxic leaks and poor leadership. I really do enjoy what I do, but since the doctors’ strike last year I find it difficult to be positive. I find myself constantly criticizing the CEO and other doctors. It really is difficult to take the Department of Health seriously and I have been trying to modify my perceptions. These feelings are a reflection of most of my colleagues, although I’m probably more outspoken. I find it interesting that my spouse and I get along well. We never fight, and if we argue we do so in a mature way. All my personal relationships are shining. Yet I have been involved in ugly shouting matches at work. Maybe it is just due to pressure, however I have always functioned well under pressure. But I do not really know why we get so negative in the public health sector these days. Maybe ‘anxiety is more contagious than the common cold’ after all.”

Rabbi Ed. Friedman coined the quoted anxiety phrase. I’d suggest anyone in any form of leadership read his “Failure of Nerve – Leadership in the age of the quick fix.” It perfectly addresses the widespread crises in leadership.