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March 30, 2010

A father writes…..

by Rod Smith

“I follow you articles with interest. Your column on ‘forgiveness’, has never been more appropriate or relevant as it was today. On Sunday night, after my wife and I had conflict with our son, our hearts were broken and we felt betrayed and offended. In our minds our son was beautiful, caring, and a model of consistency. This was shattered in one moment. We all cried!

I went to his room to say goodnight and that I love him, but I did not forgive him. I don’t think either of us slept.

The next day (today) I left for work before he woke up. My heart was very heavy. I read the paper and with it came your ‘forgiveness’ article.

I copied it and took it home then and there. It could not have come at a better time.

It made me realize a few things: Nobody is perfect; my job as his father is to protect, offer advice, guide, respect and most of all love; I need to provide him with an environment that he can make mistakes and allow for normal engagement. He must not be afraid to come to me, for anything. I can’t wait to see him tonight!

Thanks for the help, I really needed it.”

(Edited for space and privacy)