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March 7, 2010

I found messages on his phone I don’t like…

by Rod Smith

Don't snoop....

I’m 20 and have been seeing a man (22) for six months. He doesn’t know I checked his phone and I am very hurt to see he much he sends and receives messages from two of his ex-girlfriends. There is nothing intimate but he is talking to them as if he is available. Do I tell him I checked his phone and confront him? How do I handle this?

Snooping on his phone reveals more about you than it does about your boyfriend. Unless you have discussed it and made a mutual decision to share your communication with others, don’t access any information (mail, email, phones, instant messages) not intended for you. Reading what is not intended for you can burn your eyes. Tell him what you have done and give him an opportunity to forgive you. That he maintains innocent conversation with his exes suggests he has the integrity to forgive you and move on.