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March 14, 2010

I’m a little top heavy…..

by Rod Smith

“I had my picture online and my boyfriend asked me to take it off cause he could see my bra and I’m a little busty. I feel like he is going down the path of being a controlling type which I can’t deal with. I’ll wear something else if he tells me the right way. Maybe it’s his past. I’m still with him because he is very good to me but we disagree on so many things and argue alot – but we learn as well. I’m being patient with this controlling stuff because of his past relationships. I try to be my own woman while reassuring him that I want to look good for my own image. I need independence. I listen to him but he should listen to me too. I don’t want to throw it off as it’s easy to walk away and give up.” (Edited from longer comment)

Take back the power

You have time and energy for such conversations? Constantly negotiating with a virus (the desire to possess and control) will ultimately suck you dry while it (the virus) will only grow and thrive. Mature men and women have no time for such nonsense. I’d suggest you move on. Invite him to re-apply to you when he has embraced meaningful goals and has no time or room in his life to micro-manage you or your clothing. This is his problem and it pre-dates you. Don’t live as if it is yours.