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March 12, 2010

A few words about this column……

by Rod Smith

I get (thankfully) a lot of mail. If, having written to me, you do not hear directly from me, you will usually find some form of response to your question within the content of my column within a few days.

Most letters I receive far exceed the 215-word publication limit so I reduce questions to the essence of what is being asked. But, I do read every letter. There is no back-up team of readers or writers, nor are the columns mass-produced or re-printed from another source. If I do re-run a column it is because its theme addresses themes of questions I am receiving or I am “on the road” and have unreliable access to the Internet.

Come the 19th of March 2010, “You and Me” will begin its 10th year of daily publication in The Mercury. As a result of daily exposure to the citizens of KwaZulu Natal, individual columns have appeared in newspapers and magazines in other regions of South Africa, the UK, Australia, Canada, and on the East Coast of the USA.

Within a few weeks the website ( will hit a million viewers! Thanks, readers, I treasure our unique connection and look forward to many more letters as you respond to “You and Me.”