Toxic leaks in your organization?

by Rod Smith

Address it before it poisons your workplace....

Churches, business, schools, hospitals, often suffer from toxic employee leaks.

The sigh about the boss, the mumble about cutbacks, the negative comment about new (or “old”) leadership, can drain a workplace of energy and poison the attitudes of the most creative and loyal colleagues.

These (often very subtle) attacks on the organization, can create more problems than any difficult boss, budgetary issues, or changes in leadership and must be addressed by leadership with full force.

Such behavior is indicative of poor personal boundaries and unhapiness that extends beyond any issue faced in the workplace.

In the event you are a regular complainer, or the employee who knows exactly when and where to whine while continuing to appear innocent and above such behavior – stop! You are doing yourself and your organization no good at all. Take your complaints and issues directly to the person empowered to act and address the issues that are unsettling you.

2 Comments to “Toxic leaks in your organization?”

  1. Dear Rod

    The public hospitals in KZN are plagued with this. I really do enjoy what I do, but since the Dr’s strike last year I find it difficult to be positive. I find my self constantly criticizing the CEO and other Dr’s. It really is difficult to take the Dep of Health seriously these days.

    I have been trying to modify my own perception a lot. The main problem is I am pushed into running our department, not because I want to but because there are no senior staff left.

    This feelings are a reflection of most of my colleagues, although I’m probably more outspoken. I find it interesting that my wife and I get a long great. We never fight, and if we argue we do so in a mature way. All my personal relationships are shining. But I have been involved in ugly shouting matches at work.

    Maybe it is just due to pressure, however I have always functioned well under pressure, in fact I prefer this type of environment. But I do not really know why we get so negative in the public health sector these days.

    Maybe anxiety is more contagious than the common cold after all.


  2. Sorry, I meant ….THERE ARE no senior staff…

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