Plundered in the name of love…..

by Rod Smith

Rod Smith, MSMFT

“I am 17 and in my first longest relationship ever. My boyfriend is my first love and I am worried about keeping him that I have changed everything about me. When we first met I dressed like a girl should dress. Now we Have been together for almost 11 months and I always have to have a baggy shirt on (mostly his) and he always makes me wear one of his sweaters. I tell him it bothers me and lowers my self-estem and makes me feel less of a girl and he says I am better than all other women and not a slut or a hooker. When he says that it puts a smile on my face but then he looks at every female that actually dresses like a girl. It bothers me so much but I just can’t get it through to his head. I dont know what to do. Can you help me?”

You are being plundered in the name of love. Until you stand up for yourself and refuse his controlling ways, your boyfriend will shape and mould you into what he thinks he can fully manage — until there is nothing left of you. This is not love, it is an abduction.

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