She won’t let go…..

by Rod Smith

My ex-girlfriend won’t let go. We have been broken up for three years and had many conversations covering the reasons the relationship did not work. She continued to buy me clothes, make me food, send me cards, and try to see me for one last thing she needed to understand. I think I have been very patient but everything I say has to be broken down into precise meanings and explained to death. Here is the simple truth: I don’t want to be her boyfriend any longer and she doesn’t seem to get it. When I tell her I am free

A is Automony

She won't let go....

to be with anyone I choose and that I do not choose to be with her she wants me to explain how it could have been so good and then come to nothing. Please help. (Letter synthesized from several conversations)

Do not enter into any conversations in the attempt to explain yourself.
You will not end viral activity (she is not a virus, being “locked on” to you is evidence of an emotional virus) if you continue to feed or facilitate the virus in any manner. Change your phone numbers and your email address. Accept no more gifts of any sort – and return, unopened, gifts that arrive.

2 Comments to “She won’t let go…..”

  1. Restraining order.

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