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November 3, 2009

Ten, no 12, things it has taken me years to learn:

by Rod Smith


Anxiety will drive you if you allow it....

1. No one is all good; no one is all bad.
2. Even an ant, when looked at under a microscope, can look like a monster (Rabbi Ed Friedman).
3. Anxiety is more contagious than the common cold (Rabbi Ed Friedman).
4. Worry teaches me nothing that’s really worth learning.
5. The busiest people often get the least done.
6. Burnout is not the result of working too hard, too much, or of holding an “important position” but it is the result of not minding my own business or taking on other people’s unresolved issues.
7. I get another shot at (almost) everything.
8. Forgiving others is a hallmark of the presence of good mental health.
9. Miracles are in the eye of the beholder.
10. Helping people find their strengths is more helpful than helping them identify their weaknesses.
11. Life is beautiful and life is brutal all at the same time.
12. God is not innocent (which does not mean that God is guilty).