You said there’s no such thing as “love at first sight”

by Rod Smith

“I appreciate your insights and agree with you 99.9% of the time and the other 0.1% of the time I could be wrong. The only time I have found myself to be at variance was a recent article. There was a thought that caught my attention namely ‘Love at first sight does not exist.’ This is a reality for some people. I had love at first sight with a girl (aged 15) when I was just 17 years old. Never loved a person that much from minute-one, till when it all split up after six months. For 20 years thereafter I wished everyday (all day) that it would somehow magically come together again as it had done on that first evening we laid eyes on each other. There is an important clarification needed here! Love at first sight is not something that really happens to people in their late 20’s or 30’s or 40’s and so on. It is something that can only really happen before one becomes jaundiced and suspicious. It is most likely only going to happen with your first love. And ideally, for it to happen, the heart of a person must be soft and easy and not yet battered and bruised.” (Letter edited for length)

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