How do you mend a broken heart after a failed romance?

by Rod Smith

Be sure to go “in order” and do not skip a step:

dsc_06421. Cry, wail, and let out as much raw emotion as humanly possible. Do it in private in several bouts spread over several weeks. Be sure to cry every available tear. Un-cried tears become toxic slime rendering the carrier bitter, angry, cynical, and sarcastic. This step will take several weeks to a month. Take your time.
2. Once crying has exhausted you, and once you’ve had sufficient rest, write as much detail as you possibly can about your role in the failed relationship. Get your mind off what he or she did, or what he or she did not do, and focus on the part you played in the failed entanglement. Allow three to six months. Again, take your time.
3. Value your integrity above saving or having any relationship. Tell the truth about who you are. Decide what you want. Remind yourself that it is you alone who makes decisions about who you will be with, what you will or will not do, and how you will spend your time and resources. Allow the rest of your life for completion of number three.

(As you “live out” number 3, remind yourself that sometimes hearts do not fully mend, but that you always have the opportunity to become wiser in how you handle your heart and the hearts of those whom you to love).

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