A reader writes to encourage stepparents…

by Rod Smith

“I’m currently living with my fiancé and his two daughters who are 11 and 13). Their mother moved a fair distance away right after the divorce. They would have had joint custody if she stayed, however, she chose to move away to her new boyfriend and have a new baby. Despite everything the girls have gone through, they have always treated me with respect. They are such sweet open hearted individuals that I really look up to. I wouldn’t have been able to handle it if my mother had moved away from me at that age. There are times when they act up and frustrate both their dad and me but it’s really just normal stuff all kids do.

“For all stepparents, the fact that you are even there willing to be part of the family and show love to the children is something very special on its own. That takes a special someone. But yet, ‘evil step mom or dad’ are under constant scrutiny from the ones who really made ‘the choice’ to be a parent yet not be around. Stepparents should get a medal for everything they have to endure.”

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