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November 27, 2008

I was about to give birth when he told me he didn’t love me anymore…

by Rod Smith

“My husband, after eight years of marriage, told me, when I was about to give birth to our second baby girl, that he was not in love with me anymore. She is now 18 months old. This has been the worst 18 months in my life. He stayed and I have done some very compromising things to make him love me, including getting breast implants. I know I cannot change his mind because I have done everything I can. In the meantime have missed the last year and a half of life with my beautiful girls. I think women think we can fix everything. I am slow to discover I cannot.” (Minimally edited and shortened)

dsc_0642Indeed, I hope you and your children will find the future you really want. While the pain of your immediate past could totally debilitate you, I hope it is clear that to be immobilized by your husband’s inconsideration will not bode well for your family’s future. Perhaps, one of the saddest aspects of your letter is your apparent naïve belief that modifying your breasts would be enough to keep your husband. Dare I say that a man who stays in a marriage for the shape and size of breasts is not worth keeping?