Signs of health in a new relationship…

by Rod Smith

You both take things very slowly. You feel no pressure to tell him everything about yourself. You do not expect him tell you everything about himself. He shows no interest in your former relationships, but is polite when you want to talk about your past loves. He doesn’t pry. He doesn’t expect to be told about what you do when you are with other people. He is respectful of his parents and, if necessary, would help them financially. He turns off his cellular phone, pager, message service, palm pilot, music devices, and all other gadgets when you are together. He is respectful of the fact that you have a life apart from him and encourages you to see your friends. He takes time to cultivate his own friendships. He listens more than he talks. He tips servers very well even if the service is poor. He does dishes, his own laundry, and cleans up after himself. He washes his own car. He does not tell you stories or jokes he’s already told you – although failure at this would only qualify him as a bore – and you could do a lot worse than date a bore! (I’ve used “he” but of course this is just for easier reading).

3 Comments to “Signs of health in a new relationship…”

  1. So true and beautifully written –

  2. Rod,
    Excellent advise! Can’t miss if you follow these simple guidelines!

  3. In an ideal world……

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