In response to “just friends”…

by Rod Smith

“I am married and have a situation at work. A colleague, who works directly for me, is friendly with me and she keeps saying that does not want to be intimate but shows me many signs like allowing me to see the color of her underwear. She says she needs a hug and frequently and lets me put my hands in her pants in the back only. She is also married. Please help.”

As you are in a supervisory position, you carry the greater responsibility. If this ridiculously immature and hurtful behavior is exposed, she will likely cry victim. You, as the one higher up the company hierarchy, will be held responsible, even if it is behavior initiated by the woman.

Work aside, you stand to lose all you have with your wife and your children in exchange for something so shallow and meaningless.

One Comment to “In response to “just friends”…”

  1. She’s using you for validation.

    So long as she knows ‘you want her’ she feels validated. Maybe her husband doesn’t pay her enough attention or treat her like the princess her daddy told her she was.

    I agree with Rod – be very, very careful in terms of risking your career. When it comes to a man, a woman and anything sexual – the guy loses! That’s simply how social protocol works.

    Much as it’s an ego buff to have a woman paying you attention, remember she’s using you for her own satisfaction. Maybe she’s getting at her husband, perhaps she just wants to feel attractive… either way when she’s had enough it’ll be you that pays the price.

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