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June 16, 2008

I am not sleeping or eating….

by Rod Smith

β€œIn January my husband changed. I thought it was work stress. I noticed a text saved but not sent, ‘by the way you looked good today.’ I was crying all the time and could not let things go. He was away over Easter with work. I noticed on his bank statement a small amount of money being taken out. He confessed she (a colleague) had stayed in the same hotel for 4 days as the trains in London we unreliable. I can’t sleep. I don’t trust him. I ask him to leave then I back track. He is getting angry that he made a mistake by not telling me she was staying over to protect me. He admitted they had ‘business lunches.’ I picked him up from the airport and I could smell perfume. It turns out they had hugged. It has been weeks now and still I am not sleeping, eating and am always looking and digging. I not know what direction to turn.” (Edited)

You have to get yourself in better shape to handle this. His actions have put you out of action since January. Rise up! Gather your internal resources. Stop searching, smelling, and playing detective. However this ends (or is reborn) it will go nowhere while his behavior so cripples you!