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June 10, 2008

Count your blessings if:

by Rod Smith

1. Your family and friends sit around the dinner table and tell stories you’ve been telling each other for decades.
2. You still talk with your spouse after having raised at least one child together.
3. You are friends with your parents despite their peculiar ways.
4. Your teenage son talks with you, and he wants you to meet his girlfriend.
5. Your teenage daughter brags about you to her friends.
6. You have had the joy of knowing your grandparents and your grandchildren.
7. You are able to have civil conversations with a former spouse.
8. You have learned that deciding to love someone who has hurt you offers you a greater challenge than harboring resentment.
9. You have benefited from the adage “Least said soonest mended.”
10. You know how to speak up for yourself.