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June 4, 2008

Jealousy does not go away with age or commitment…

by Rod Smith

“I want to tell people that I married a very jealous person. Jealousy does not get better with age. I thought when I dated him he would get better once we were married because then he’ll know I’m truly committed. It didn’t. I thought it would get better when I had his children because surely he would then understand my commitment to him and the children. It didn’t. I thought if we could see a therapist it would get better. It didn’t. I divorced him 12 years into the marriage. Until a jealous person sees the problem and wants to change, your life will not get better with him in it.”

Thanks for your powerful testimony. Jealousy is NEVER an indication of love. Because feelings of love can be so overwhelming, a victim of another’s jealousy can feel inordinately empowered to live with or to accommodate jealousy within a relationship.

Jealousy is an individual matter, and, until he or she who has the problem is willing to face it (and it is usually a matter of control), neither person in the relationship will be free to give or receive all the potential a loving relationship can offer.