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June 9, 2008

A dad writes… about custody and visitation….

by Rod Smith

A dad writes…

“I am fortunate enough to have shared care of my two children (5 and 7). They are with me half of each week and half of all holidays. As the children are with both parents a good deal of the time, they feel at home in both houses and have friends at both locations. My ex-wife and I live 5 minutes drive from each other. We do not get along.

“I don’t like the arrangements of 'visits' to the dad every second weekend. In every case I have seen the child ends up seeing the fortnightly visit as a boring inconvenience. The visits are nothing more than a visit. The “visit” parent does not get to share and bond with the child as does the “main” caregiver. All the child’s friends are at the other parent’s place. These arrangements also become a trial for the parent who has the child every second weekend and do not promote a healthy loving relationship with both parents and the child often views the other parent as an inconvenience.

“I live 12,000 miles from the rest of my family so my children can have a dad. I am making the most of what I have to work with in regards to location and work opportunities.” (Edited for space)

Neil / Australia