He’s like a puppy around her…….

by Rod Smith

“I am so upset. My ex-husband gives lavish gifts to his new girlfriend and drops in for a few minutes and gives his children token presents and me nothing. My children saw all he was stacking away for her at their ‘Dad’s Christmas’ and then he tells them he can’t afford much this year because of the worldwide global economy crises. He’s like a little puppy around her. Around us he’s all gloomy and full of the woes of the world. Please help.”

Don't try to reason with him....

I am going to assume you want some tips to deal with your ex and your children in the aftermath of a divorce and in the apparent tidal wake of his new-found love. Your already know (or at least surely will be discovering) that you have no control over him.

If you had any (control), he’d still be with you.

The worldwide global economy crises takes years to hit new love – so resist trying to explain or understand the gaps in his reasoning.

Allow your children to ask their father their own questions. Expect no gifts from him.

Try not to access information from the children regarding his new love. Such information will not serve to empower you and nor are the details of his life any of your business.

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