He thinks therapy is silly….

by Rod Smith

“My husband does not love me anymore. I am a really jealous person and I have accused him of affairs and he always denies it. Last night he told me that we needed to be fair and that I needed to leave. It scares the living lights out me when I imagine my life without him. He has been gone for most of the day. I don’t want to call. I know that will probably make him angrier and more distant. I noticed also he is not wearing his wedding ring. It really hurts to be told that you are not loved when you still love the other person. I am in no shape, way, or form a perfect person. I have a temper just like he does. I would love to seek therapy but he thinks that kind of thing is silly. I really think I’ve lost him forever. We have been married for 8 years. I guess I am really feeling hopeless right now.”

Victim-hood is most unattractive – get yourself out of it. To assist you, please read This Is Not the Story You Think It Is by Laura Munson. I’d suggest it is essential reading for anyone (male or female) living in a threatened relationship.

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