I gave my heart to a man who is 60…..

by Rod Smith

“I was involved with a 60 year-old man that I gave my heart to. We were in a relationship for months. He even got me through my pregnancy. He so loved for me. And this last month he just made me feel like I wasn’t of any importance to him. He came up with all these ridiculous excuses as to why he changed towards me. I had found him on this stupid chat line on numerous occasions when he said he was sleeping. I did everything for him. I never denied him of anything. I built him up telling him how much I loved him and that he was amazing and did everything a girl could do for her man and all of a sudden he breaks up with me. I honestly feel there is someone else or an old lady his age.”

Since age is an issue for you (you refer to “an old lady his age”) and you are clearly much younger than he is, I can only assume things will be better for you if you take his change toward you as an option to end the relationship. Rather than focus one what he needs and wants (or doesn’t want) you might want to think of your baby needs.

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